Wednesday, 6 June 2012

How to optimize a website

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is extremely vital for the success of every business whether it is selling any product or just offering some service because otherwise your website/blog is likely to get lost in 366,848,493(yes you read it right) and counting.
So the conclusion is that either you have to be Mark Zuckerberg(or an idea which does not need publicity or marketing) or you need SEO to promote your relevant site into highly effective one.

I will be discussing the what you need to do practically.

1st step:-->  Take an Example if you have a travel related website with url First make sure that you have written title ,alt text of images keywords meta description of every single page keeping the content in mind and make sure you have written  the content yourself or with the help of content writer, don't try to copy paste from other website otherwise it is impossible to get rank on website as Google highly effective update named PANDA is meant for knocking the website having duplicate or copied content.

2nd step:--> Do press release of your website. Write the content limiting to word limit upto 400 (not necessary) you can submit on following sites try limiting to the sites in your country.

3rd step:-->Now the most critical thing in SEO is to Choose your keywords and don't go for highly competitive keywords like Travel Guide or Tours etc. Try to be more specific for example if you are offering travel packages for Delhi and Mumbai then Tour to Delhi and Tour to Mumbai can produce result.

4th step:--> Google search those keywords i know your site will not be there now copy the URL of each website which comes on the first page and analyses those few sites(5-6 will be fine) your analysis should be based on content, links and services they provide.
  • If your content is good enough now come to linking part. Check which website they are linking to (because Google count ones link as one vote). You can check their links via  or many more..
  • Copy all the website in excel sheet and try to contact the webmasters of sites and ask for a link first try one way linking.
                                                              One Way Linking
One Way Linking is one of the most difficult task in SEO because what you ask is placing a link of your site on to other site without giving a link back and it is a time consuming process but it can be achieved if your site provides quality content.
There are certain techniques which might help you.
  • First of all you need select your competitors (called competitor analysis) and see why they are having Google rank and visitors better than you. Ask yourself the following questions.
  • Is your website providing relevant content and services?
  • Are you giving enough time to the website?
  1. Find whom they are linking to you can use any backlink checker tool available free of cost ex.try
  2. Start searching the Google for your keywords and try to contact webmaster of the site related to yours.
  3. Report Broken Links and then ask for a link.
  4. Give them free eBooks and then ask for a link(don't worry about eBooks it is not a rocket science)
  5. Write testimonials and ask for a link.

To be Continued.....